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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional organization supporting the advancement of technology for the benefit of humanity. The roots of this organization go back to the late 1800’s, when electricity became a major component in the development society. Today IEEE is a worldwide organization that provides its members with access to publications, conferences, networking opportunities, and more!​

​The IEEE University of South Florida Student Chapter serves as a bridge between USF and the IEEE national organization. The chapter provides opportunities to network with fellow USF students and professionals from the engineering field.

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USF IEEE is a network of students, alumni, and professionals. Our organization allows anyone interested in engineering to get involved in real-world experience and engage in various professional opportunities. Our chapter offers a wide range of activities including workshops, competitions, collaborations, and professional platforms for you to connect with others. It's the perfect chance to meet new people, have fun, and gain valuable skills for your career.

IEEE Professional Development

USF’s IEEE chapter hosts a variety of professional development events throughout the semester. Checkout the events page and join the chapter’s Microsoft Teams group for the ability to be updated on and attend the Professional Development Events happening this semester. Updates will also come through the organization’s Instagram, so watch for updates! 

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Interested in Robotics?

IEEE Robotics Clubs

USF has many clubs underneath it that build many different types of robots. VEX Robotics builds and competes in VRC, a worldwide robotics competition hosted in Dallas, Texas. Mentorship Club is an IEEE-sponsored club where students can lead or join their own efforts to build their own passion projects and is 100% funded by USF IEEE. Hardware Club is another IEEE club that is led and managed by the IEEE Hardware Chair, where you can build a single robot or rent out hardware from our laboratory; this includes Rasberry Pis, motors, electronics, and more!

Need for Speed?

IEEE Elecrathon Team

Do you have a passion for racing or electric cars? IEEE USF's Electrathon Team focuses in building electric vehicles that are designed for competing in numerous racing events throughout the school year.


Open-Ended Group Projects

IEEE Mentorship Program

IEEE has many opportunities for students to connect and explore many different engineering fields through corroborative lab-based projects.  If your someone who wants to get funding for a project or someone who would like to explore different projects, you may be interested in joining our Mentorship Program.

Social Events

IEEE USF Student Branch holds two major social events per semester; Picnic and Banquet. Our Picnic is hosted at USF Riverfront Park where food and games are enjoyed. Our Banquets are hosted in MSC Ballroom and feature a guest professional speaker along with complimentary Italian catering. Getting involved in our social events is as simple as joining our social platforms, all USF students are welcome.


Discover all our associated chapters!

Get more from the IEEE student associations

Explore Our Affiliated Campus Clubs. Discover a world of specialized focus and tracks with clubs like IEEE CS (Computer Science), IEEE PES (Power Energy Society), IEEE MTT (Microwave and TT), and SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association). Together, we work to give more opportunities to students by organizing engaging events and the cultivation of a robust network. 

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